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Starting Date : August 14 2017

40 Day - Raise Your Vibration Challenge!


Date and time

Start Date : August 14 2017 07:00 America/Denver
Ending Date : September 22 2017 16:00 America/Denver


Did you know that the number 40 is used 146 times in the Scripture?!  It's all about Spiritual Rebirth and Preparation. Who would like to participate in a 40 Day Group Challenge to Raise Your Vibration?  I am working on this right now and would love to have you join me! I'm thinking some pretty amazing miracles will transpire. 
Watch the video (click on the highlighted link), register and join our Facebook group!  The challenge will take place in the Facebook group.  We are starting Aug. 14! 
Join our 40 Day Raise Your Vibration Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1431478876920372/
40 Day Raise Your Vibration Challenge! from Stacy Harmer on Vimeo.