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Starting Date : August 15 2017

Inspirational Talk: Sunita Nemaphuki


Date and time

Start Date : August 15 2017 17:00 Asia/Kathmandu
Ending Date : August 15 2017 18:30 Asia/Kathmandu


Inspirational Talks are interactive sessions organized by Rockstart Impact which feature the story of a successful entrepreneur. These events are open to the entire community. 
SPEAKER:Sunita Nemaphuki is the co-founder of R&D Innovative Solutions. Farmers in Nepal are susceptible to bulk productions with little and/or delayed payments. Production quantity is emphasized while farmers are unaware of market demands and costs. Thus most of the value is captured by middlemen. R&D Innovative Solution sources their vegetables directly from farmers who, on a weekly basis, receive 65 per cent of the selling cost. With 50 farmers, they are currently only catering to 0.009 per cent of the national problem, thus they aim to expand the number of outlets and increase their reach.
PROGRAM: 5:00pm-5:30pm Walk in 5:30pm-5:35pm Welcome words 5:35pm-5:50pm Speaker talk | Sunita Nemaphuki | R&D Innovative Solutions5:50pm-6:00pm Fireside chat 6:00pm-6:30pm Networking