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Starting Date : July 19 2017

TEA TIME SAILING TOUR (600 DKK per person, payable upon arrival)


Date and time

Start Date : July 19 2017 14:00 America/Godthab
Ending Date : July 19 2017 16:00 America/Godthab


Sail with us in the afternoon on our Tea Time Sailing Tour, when anything is possible.
We use the whole trip to hunt for the most statuesque icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord, to respectfully follow whales that pop up to feed and play hide-and-seek, and to just enjoy life at the top of the world. If the special fata morgana phenomenon is at play, we can also marvel at the mirage effect it plays on the horizon.
Meeting Time: 13.45
Meeting Location: Tourist ponton, on the same side of the bridge as Hotel Arctic. Look for the boat called Niviarsiaq.
Sailing Time: 14.00 – 16.00
Capacity: Maximum 12 guests
Minimum: 4 guests
What to wear: Lightweight pants and shirt base layers, comfortable everyday trousers, windproof & waterproof outer pants, windproof & waterproof outer jacket, close-toed shoes with good traction (like sneakers or hiking boots).
What to bring: A small backpack, an extra shirt layer, perhaps even a lightweight wool sweater, hat, gloves, camera, extra batteries or portable charging device, sunglasses, chapstick, any snacks you may need
Complimentary: Self-serve coffee & tea; wool blankets
Price: 600 DKK per person