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Starting Date : July 20 2017

There's An Oil For That - Essential Oils for Babies (My Top 5) July


Date and time

Start Date : July 20 2017 19:00 America/New_York
Ending Date : July 20 2017 20:30 America/New_York


Our little ones are growing so fast every day! Their bodies and minds are forming at rapid speed. How can we do as much as possible to make sure all that's happening inside is going well? Essential oils!
There's an oil for that covers some basic things that we encounter during our daily interactions with our little ones.
This webinar will cover my Top Five Oils for little ones:
Digestiion (Digest Zen)
Sleeping (Lavendar)
Allergies (Blend)
Immune System (On Guard)
Brain Activity (Frankincense) 
Come prepared to learn about how essential oils can help your little one and you! 
All registered attendees will receive a coupon for a free oil with a qualifying purchase and five lucky registered attendees will get a sample of one^ of the Top Five Oils discussed in this webinar.
^The sample oils are Digest Zen and Lavendar.
Visit my website:www.mydoterra.com/carlettahurt
Bring friends! If 2 or more register and attend, you get a sample of your choie from the Top Five.
The session is only 1 hour. The last 30 minutes are for any additional questions/comments.