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Starting Date : June 28 2017

MeetNGreet Table Meet


Date and time

Start Date : June 28 2017 19:00 Asia/Kolkata
Ending Date : June 28 2017 22:00 Asia/Kolkata


Here is the opportunity to tick mark one more thing from your bucket list.
Speed Date Singles with MeetNGreet Table Meets in your city.
Army Officers, Lawyers, Businessmen, Models, Corporate Heads, Doctors, IT Pros, Celebrities, RJs, bright students ( and lot many) with high net worth/calibre waiting to meet you. If you are searching for a life partner and tired of online searches, try this. 2 hours and you meet 10 possible prospects face to face. If you looking to make more friends and feel you need someone to share your weekends/evenings/thoughts, try this. If you are new to city, meet new people here. If you just broke-up, find a new amigo here!
After completing 40 MeetNGreet Speed dating events across Cities of India, MeetNGreetTeam knows what you want.
Singes/Separated/Widowed only (Not for Married Folks)
Only book, if you can attend, and if you booked, please attend.
They make sure you meet at least 10 people of your age category, so if they can't make it possible in one event, you get another event free.
If you do not like anyone in the event, still you get next event free.
If you postpone the events for any reason, you are always welcome to ask for refund.
Never reach to venue late, 20 other very successful people are waiting on you.
It's a networking effort, with all sort of possibilities.
Offer for Girls- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE.
Age Groups: 21-29, 30- 39 and 40-50 years.
Welcome drinks (A Mocktail) and snacks provided.
No one knows your full name, contact details, where you live.
No personal questions about your past.
10 minutes for each table.
Meet singles who want to break the barrier and want to meet your face to face.
Just be polite, respectful and do not forget to bring your smiley face to the event.