JUICY M 18th May @ Zentral - MICE

JUICY M 18th May @ Zentral

JUICY M 18th May @ Zentral
Start: 18 May 2017 23:00 Asia/Hong_Kong
Finish: 19 May 2017 05:00 1

JUICY M 18th May @ Zentral



4/F, California Tower, Hong Kong Island

係2014同埋2015年Djanes 排全球第一女DJ既Juicy M 終於嚟香港!Juicy M 除左有實力之外,內外在美都非常唔簡單, 曾經有一本雜誌話佢係全球最性感既DJ 之外,眾成日比人訪問關於女性平等既野!難得呢位咁正又咁有實力既DJ 嚟,眾唔快D mark 定日子,留定個晚同佢一齊PARTY盡佢!好多電音迷都應該會知道,擅長於hip hop remix 嘅Juicy M 喺2013年發布咗佢第一個 4 CDJs 的YouTube 片段 同埋 第一首Major Lazer's 'Bumaye 的 remix 。但係你又知唔知Juicy M係點出道呢?其實係早喺2007年, Juicy M 同其它幾位DJ,Snake, Sub Zero 同 Cut Killer 嘅合作下開始咗佢嘅DJ 生涯。你可以鍾意或者討厭Juicy M 嘅混音,但係佢嘅混音一定會令你拋開晒所有煩惱!Despite the fact everyone knows Juicy M since 2013 after releasing her first mixing video on 4 CDJs and her first bootleg on Major Lazer's 'Bumaye', she started djing way back in 2007 playing hip hop on real vinyls put on real wheels of steel with her fellow DJs Snake, Sub Zero and Cut Killer. And you can clearly hear hip hop influence in her sets now, this strictly-dance maximum-energy live-mashuping half-track mixing. It's something she brought to the scene and you can hate it or love it, but you will never stay unconcerned.The main challenge of electronic dance music era in her career is obviously music production. Started from the scratch without any support from big labels or publishers she managed to open her own record label JUMMP Records and did few collaboration tracks with young producers like she is. JUMMP Records became starting platform for young talents like Angemi, JuicyTraxx, JapaRoll etc. Luckily it also helped Juicy M herself to get noticed by one of the biggest shark in EDM ocean Armada Music with whom she signed worldwide deal. The first track called 'Skies' and featuring awesome vocals from ENDEMIX is set to release in late 2015.http://juicy-m.com/https://www.facebook.com/djjuicym/ https://soundcloud.com/dj-juicy-m https://www.instagram.com/djjuicym/https://twitter.com/djjuicym______________________________________________________網上購票:Online Reservation:TBC優先票 Early Bird (Incl. 1 Free Drink) : HKD 250 現場門票 Door Ticket (Incl. 1 Free Drink) : HKD 350>>上網訂票Coming Soon! Tickets online Ready soon!網上購票的,請帶同列印好的電子票方便入場E-tickets holders please bring a printed version of the tickets.除非演出取消,否則不作退票。No tickets will be refunded unless the show i canceled. ______________________________________________________查詢有關資訊請聯絡我們: For more information: (Group Reservation & Table bookings)Email: Info@Remembaasia.comPhone: +852 9476 7756 | +852 9426 1462此活動只准18歲或以上人士參與。參加者請帶同有效身分證核實入場。This event is limited to 18 or above, and please bring valid Identification.短褲,拖鞋及涼鞋均不準進場No shorts or flip flops are allowed to enter the event.
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