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Starting Date : May 17 2017

Canine Behavior & Training Diploma Course



DSPCA - Mount Venus Rd Mount Venus Road Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 IE

Date and time

Start Date : May 17 2017 19:30 Europe/Dublin
Ending Date : August 2 2017 21:30 Europe/Dublin


Course Overview
This course provides a twelve week introduction to animal behaviors and dog training techniques. Students then will use the practical knowledge they have learned and put it in place during practical sessions.
The course is designed to give you a broad understanding of the Domestic Dog; their domestication, breed varieties, methods of communication, ways of learning and potential behavioural issues as well as exploring training history, training terminology, equipment, developing training skills and investigating specific training methods used in dog training organisations. Here at the DSPCA we use our Train With Kindness method which will be used throughout all practical sessions.

You will recieve weekly homework & assignments which must be completed & submitted by the date given by your teacher.


Fee: €500 
Duration: 12 weeks, 2 hour per week + 6 hour Workshops
Practical Session: Three 3 hour Workshops
Assessment: Combination of theoretical and practical
Prerequisites: None
Award: DSPCA Advanced Diploma
Start Date:  Wednesday, 17th May 2017
End Date: Wednesday, 2nd August 2017

Study Skills
Canine Communication
Canine Learning
Training Methods
Increasing Interaction
Nature vs Nurture


DSPCA, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16


This course aims to give a full introductory overview of the modern canine, looking at such topics as core physiology, evolution and canine learning theory.
Once we have a clearer picture of what makes our dogs, we move into covering topics such as canine communication and models of behaviour. We will use the theory knowledge you have learned and put it in place during practical sessions. 


This course consists of severel assignments. Each module will be assessed via one of the following: Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs); short written discussion; short-answer exam and practical examinations.
Each component of assessment must be passed to complete the course. The specific requirements for each piece of assessment will be clearly marked on the module descriptor.
There will always be an instructor available to help with any questions or worries you have as you go through this course and the material has been designed to be as clear and thorough as possible.

Career Opportunities & Progression

This programme is designed as a short introduction with only a small practical component.
It does not qualify you to become a dog trainer or behaviourist. It does, however provide a solid grounding to allow the learner to make decisions on whether or not to pursue such a career.
You can progress onto our Pet Boarding & Dog Training Internship Programme where you will assist in dog training classes with our Senior Trainers & gain hands on experience working in our boarding facility. Majority off our staff are all past internship students.
Canine Behavior & Training Diploma Course at

DSPCA - Mount Venus Rd

Mount Venus Road Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

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