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Starting Date : June 26 2017

Wellbeing TeachMeet at Tudor Grange



Tudor Grange Academy Dingle Lane, Solihull, B91 3PD GB

Date and time

Start Date : June 26 2017 09:30 Europe/London
Ending Date : June 26 2017 15:00 Europe/London


“ A TeachMeet like no other”.
Teacher well-being has never been so important – how can we look after the wellbeing of the young people in our charge if we are not well ourselves? Driving accountability, endless marking and high stakes are all things which are affecting the emotional stability of our colleagues. Couple this with budget cuts and potential restructures, and we really are in a dangerous place.
This Teach Meet takes an unusual format – it’s in the day, for starters (not the usual evening event – after all, it’s about well-being!!), and is aimed at senior leaders, head teachers, principals and governors – you are the ones who can make a difference. It will still have all of the things that Teach Meets have become synonymous with – opportunities to network, and enjoy open, academic discourse on the matter. Crucially, we have a variety of workshops, presentations and nano-presentations booked, which are intended to provide real solutions to these issues. We hope to tackle the taboo nature of mental health and enable you to develop strategies in your schools to protect your colleagues at all levels. Ultimately, this is the only way we can protect our young people.
Wellbeing TeachMeet at Tudor Grange at

Tudor Grange Academy

Dingle Lane, Solihull, B91 3PD

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