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LinkedIn's SF Headquarters

222 2nd Street , San Francisco, CA

PLEASE NOTE - We will need to varify you are an educator in a high school or nonprofit that works with youth age 14-25 before being able to confirm your attendance.  
Get trained and certified to help youth discover how to match their intrinsic skills with a meaningful career.
We understand how busy teachers are. We have designed our training to not be time consuming and our curriculum is easy to deliver without loosing the quality of the students experience.  

The training will be taking place in San Francisco, but is open to educators regardless of geographical location.

This event page is only for RSVPs we prefer checks as a means for payment. 

Our Training:
We will be doing a one day training June 24th from 10am-5pm in San Francisco at LinkedIn's headquarters. Lunch and materials will be provided. After the training you will gain access to:
- Refresher 10 minute videos for each class that will have all the information on how to deliver the class.
- Daily Agendas for each class
- ALL of the curriculum and worksheets
The training and certification will be 60% discounted making the fee $700 per person. In return we will ask for feedback and we will be available for extra support. The team feels like this work is incredibly important and we want to make sure it is accessible to anyone that would like to deliver this work to youth. We decided to offer scholarships on a sliding scale. If you are interested in a scholarship we will ask that you fill out a form to determine how much of a discount we can offer. Please confirm RSVP here so that we can secure your spots. 
If you have any questions and to apply for a scholarship please email

According to the New York Times, a large percentage of young adults are overwhelmed by the fear, pressure, and anxiety that comes in choosing their career paths.  In disadvantaged communities youth are typically blind to the possibilities for their lives, and only rarely have the additional guidance needed to identify their unique gifts. On average 1 high school guidance counselor is responsible for 854 students.  In high-poverty districts, or rural areas, this ratio climbs to a staggering 1,440 to 1. Scholar, J.R. Stone identified career guidance as an important element of keeping students in school and engaged positively in their lives.

G.R.O.W. fills a critical gap in our social system – helping youth figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Our organization does this through a unique, multi-phase process of self-discovery, career exploration, and gaining skills important for accomplishing career and life goals.  G.R.O.W.'s curriculum is intended is to reach youth at a critical time in their lives to keep students engaged in school, out of crime and living aligned, purposeful lives; creating productive citizens that positively affect society.
Quantitative data: 
- 100% of students responded positively that - after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have a greater understanding of themselves. - 97% of students responded positively that - after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have more clarity about their career path - 97% of students responded positively that - after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have a better understanding of how to accomplish their life goals.
Qualitative data: 
“G.R.O.W.’s class saved my life. This class was a turning point for me. What I gained will echo throughout the rest of my life." - Lindsay Stanley
Sacramento came to us while on probation. After completing the A.I.M. curriculum, Sacramento took his G.R.O.W. certificate to his court hearing to let the judge know that he now has more direction in his life. Since the class Sacramento has been working towards building a better future for himself.
Our Curriculum:

In developing the AIM program, GROW drew upon traditional and nontraditional modalities to create original materials. The A.I.M. program provides three phases of curriculum that were developed into 12 modules and can be delivered in a number of formats. The curriculum is primarily interactive or introspective to increase students engagement and improve quality associated with scale. This makes our work easy to be trained in and easy to deliver without loosing the quality of the students experience. 
We truly believe that a deep level of self-knowledge has to be the first step in deciding your future. Understanding why ones headed in a certain direction increases self-motivation, engagement and success within education and work. Our curriculum was developed to be a fluid process from understanding who you are to exploring career options to gaining tools to achieve goals.
G.R.O.W.'s curriculum is broken down into three phases:
A (Assessment), students explore who they are through an investigation of values, personality, accomplishments, strengths, passions, leadership styles and skills. 
I (Imagination), students explore company culture, networking, career options, and conduct “dream job” interviews. 
M (Management), students gain tools that assist in personal branding, college, how to get and keep a job, perseverance, and complete a working roadmap that will help students monitor and obtain their goals.

For more information visit
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