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Starting Date : January 9 2017

Play Group - Berala Buttons @ Berala Community Centre



Berala Community Centre 98 Woodburn Road , Berala , NSW 2141 AU

Date and time

Start Date : January 9 2017 10:00 Australia/Sydney
Ending Date : September 16 2030 12:00 Australia/Sydney


Program Details
Program Name:
Berala Buttons - Playgroup

Program Category:
Programs for Children and Families

Program Description:
Playgroup is an informal session of lightly structured play where mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies come together to learn, grow and connect socially through play, whilst building a social network in a safe and engaging environment.


Spaces are limited; Council employs a “first in best dressed policy”;

Please be reminded, caregivers are asked to provide their own morning tea (for themselves and their child/ren);

Caregivers must ensure morning tea’s provided are free from nuts;

Caregivers participating with children who have dietary based allergies should take diligent care during morning tea to avoid exposure and communicate these allergies openly amongst the group;

Caregivers are asked to give consideration to the allergies of other participants when packing food/drink;

Caregivers are welcome to enjoy a coffee / tea which is available from and to be consumed in the foyer - please do not bring hot drinks into the Playgroup room;

Supervision and sole duty of care remains the responsibility of the caregiver at all times;

Facilitators are not always trained in children's services. Please do not assume them to be educators or industry professionals within the field of children's services, unless advised otherwise;

Under no circumstance may a caregiver leave the premises (room/centre) without their child, even if they are participating in another program within the centre;

Under no circumstance may a caregiver transfer their duty of care over their child/ren to another caregiver within the program;

Playgroup is in no way shape or from a childcare/child-minding service, care giver supervision is mandatory;

Playgroup does not promote or acknowledge a perceived capacity to directly teach or develop participating children in the same manner as a pre-school, day care or kindergarten;

Child/ren who are visibly sick will not be permitted to participate under the basis of preventing the spread of illness;

It is encouraged that all children who participate undergo all immunisations as prescribed by their health care professionals;

Feedback on the program is sought and appreciated, please contact Centre staff and volunteers to communicate your thoughts;

This is a free, community based program, which is offered openly to the public and dependant on participant contribution for success, please consider this capacity when establishing expectations of the program;

Volunteering is encouraged and required to maintain a quality program. Therefore, participation will require active assistance and involvement from all caregivers within their capacity;

All participants are required assist in the pack up at the completion of the program, encouraging their child/ren to assist;

Donations for program resources are sought and appreciated, please contact Centre staff and volunteers to express your interest in donating;

Due to limited resources and to ensure fairness amongst all participants, “toy borrowing” from the program is not permitted;

Participants (children and caregivers) should wear clothes in which they can freely participate in craft and physical activities (clothes that can get dirty)

Child/ren will require a water bottle to ensure they are adequately hydrated;

Cost Per Term:
Participants are welcome to register at any point and participate as frequently as they choose.
Ongoing, exclusive of school holidays.

Exclusion Dates:
For dates that the program will not run within the above timeframe please refer to the Centre message board, dates are updated regularly.
Dates that the program will not run within the above timeframe.
Number of Sessions:
N/A - program runs ongoing, every Monday
Most programs run to the school term format, pausing during school holiday periods.
The quantity of sessions within a term will fluctuate from term to term. A term will usually run between 9 - 11 weeks.
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
 2 hours
Western Sydney Community Centre Inc driven, all care givers are asked to contribute to the organisation and delivery of the program.

General Restrictions / Requirements:
Participants do so at their own risk and based on an assessment of their own health and wellbeing
Caregivers must remain onsite for the duration of the program.
It is an expectation that caregivers are actively involved in the program, supporting their children's participation.
This program is in no way shape or form a childcare/child-minding service, sole duty of care for your child is non-negotiable and your registration of your child in this program serves as both comprehension and acceptance of this core term and condition. 

is this program appropriate for people of all abilities
Age Requirements:
This program is suitable for children aged 0 - 5 years of age
All caregivers must be over the age of 18 to assume the duty of care child/ren

Gender Restrictions:
Contact for Program:
Please contact the Centre Coordinator on:
Phone: 97351337
Email: gavin.ross@cumberland.nsw.gov.au
Relevant Websites:
Notes / Relevant Information:
Resources / Equipment:    

Please wear appropriate, non-restrictive clothing and enclosed footware
Water bottle
Medications e.g. Ventolin
Morning tea
Baby wipes / bottle ect.

Trial Sessions:                  
Unsure if this program is for you?
You can come along to a session before registering and enrolling to find out if this program meets your needs. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Transport options:
The centre is located a short walk from Berala Train Station and Bus Stops.
Local Bus Services:
908 Bus and N50 City to Liverpool (stops at Tilba Street and other surrounding Bus Stops)
Free Community Loop Bus Service:
visit www.cumberland.nsw.gov.au/bus
The centre has accessible parking onsite from its rear car park, Woodburn Road entry.
Alternatively, ample street parking is available on Tilba Street and Woodburn Road.
To Plan Your Trip:
Call the Transport Info-Line on 131 500 or visit http://www.transportnsw.info/
The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee.
Is my registration/ticket transferrable?
The name on the attendance ticket must match that of the attendee participating. For example, you cannot send your friend to participate in your place. You must first transfer the ticket into their name on Eventbrite. 
How to change ticket details / transfer ticket:
Can I update my registration information?
How to change customer profile details:
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, your name will appear on an attendance records. The facilitator will mark you as attended.
What is the refund policy?
If you are unable to attend session/s, makeup sessions can be organised during alternative sessions throughout the LGA. Please refer to the Lifelong Learning Program to propose a makeup session that would best suit you.
Visit http://www.auburn.nsw.gov.au/lifelonglearning for a detailed program.
For medical reasons or instances of severe hardship and unforeseen circumstance, please contact the Centre Coordinator.
To ensure a positive experience in the Lifelong Learning Program, Council can organise a change of enrolment into different programs of your choosing where there are spaces (exchange). However, change of mind after the completion of more than 1 session of a program will not be considered as a valid reason for a refund.
To discuss the refund process, please contact the Centre Coordinator on:
Phone: 97351337
Email: gavin.ross@cumberland.nsw.gov.au
I have enrolled my child/ren in an after school program, can I leave the premises?
Under no circumstance are caregivers allowed to leave their child/ren and exit the premise (even if they intend on staying in the local vicinity). Parents and guardians must fully understand these programs are in no way shape or form a child minding/caring service. The duty of care remains the sole responsibility of the caregiver at all times.
Pregnancy, I am pregnant, can I still participate?
It is suggested that you seek medical clearance from your health care professional. Participation is done so at your own risk.
Injury, I am recovering from an injury can I still participate?
It is suggested that you seek medical clearance from your health care professional. Participation is done so at your own risk.
What is this program? I have never tried this before. What does it involve?
Please refer to the program description on this event page or for more information please research the program e.g. Google/YouTube search the program name
Can I claim against my health insurance?
Programs are delivered by industry qualified professionals; however, the individual terms and conditions of your health insurance provider apply. Please contact your provider for information on what you are covered for and how to claim. They will often require you to produce a receipt as proof of purchase, the emailed receipt / ticket of purchase should suffice.
Play Group - Berala Buttons @ Berala Community Centre at

Berala Community Centre

98 Woodburn Road , Berala , NSW 2141

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