Change for Climate - EPCOR Stage - MICE

Change for Climate - EPCOR Stage

Change for Climate - EPCOR Stage
Start: 05 Mar 2018 08:00 America/Edmonton
Finish: 08 Mar 2018 19:00 3

Change for Climate - EPCOR Stage


Monday, March 5, 2018
8:00-8:30am         Welcome message 
8:30-10:00am       Livestream CitiesIPCC Cities and Climate Change Conference Opening Plenary                  
10:00-10:40am     Science of Climate Change - with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University                              An update on the latest research on climate change - cause, effects, future scenarios
10:45-11:30am     Alberta Success Stories - with Marc Huot, Director, Energy Efficiency Alberta, Mike Mellross,                                 City of Edmonton, Arsheel Hirji, City of Calgary, TBA, City of Medicine Hat                             Profiles the efforts of Alberta municipalities to improve energy efficiency of their facilities, lead                               as early adopters of renewable energy, and support the efforts of citizens.
11:30-12:00pm     EPCOR reception
12:00-1:00pm       Keynote: The Hard Work of Hope: Water & Climate Security in a Warming World - with Bob                                    Sandford, EPCOR Chair in Water and Climate Security at the United Nations University                                          Institute for Water, Environment and Health                              Exploring society’s power to mitigate dangerously accelerating hydro-climatic cycles by                                          enlisting the powers of nature.
1:00-1:15pm         Break
1:15-1:55pm         Greening the Grid - with Tim Weis, University of Alberta; Sara Hastings-Simon, Pembina                                        Insitute; Robert Hornung, Canadian Wind Energy Association                              Examines changes that are underway to reduce the carbon intensity of Alberta's electric grid                                  including the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead involving renewable resources
2:00-2:40pm         Edmonton Prepares for Climate Change - with Chandra Tomaras, City of Edmonton                              This session shares research into the climate change impacts that will be experienced by                                      Edmonton and the adaptation strategy the City of Edmonton is developing.
2:45-3:30pm         Consumption-based Carbon Footprints of Global Cities - with Michael Doust (C40 Cities)                              The carbon footprint of cities often undestate the emission caused by consumption of food,                                    goods and services
3:30-4:30pm         Break
4:30-5:30pm         Connecting Science and Cities: A Conversation with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech                                          University; George Marshall, Co-founder Climate Outreach                              Two leading thinkers bring together what science has to say about cities and the people that                                  live in them. Both drawing on their work in Alberta, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe shares                                her latest research on how climate change will impact cities and discusses with George                                          Marshall how we can build bridges to better climate conversations.
5:30-5:45pm         Break
5:45-6:45pm         Youth Voices for Climate Action  (Pecha Kucha style)                              Presenting the climate change concerns, hopes and advice of Alberta and global youth
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
10:00-11:30am     Low Carbon Alberta Cities of the Future - with Christopher Kennedy, University of Victoria,                                      and panel                              This session starts with a 30 minute big-picture, compelling vision of the low carbon, green                                     energy cities of the future followed by a shorter presentation and a panel discussion                                               exploring the challenges of implementation.
11:30-12:00pm     EPCOR reception
12:00-1:00pm       Keynote: Governments Taking Action                               An update on Government of Canada and Government of Alberta climate change plans,                                        priorities and initiatives.
1:00-1:30pm         Break
1:30-2:30pm         Alberta Solutions to Global Climate Change Challenges - with Klass Rodenberg, Alberta                                        Council of Technologies Society; Donna Mandau and Leah Coumont, Graphene Leaders                                        Canada; Allan Offenberg, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta                              Three case studies of next generation innovators who are building on Alberta’s existing                                          foundations to prepare Alberta for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
2:30-3:30pm         Building a Sustainable City - City of Edmonton staff (Pecha Kucha) with Gary Klassen,                                            Deputy City Manager, City of Edmonton                              Seven presentations showcasing City of Edmonton climate and energy initiatives, including                                    Blatchford development, waste-to-energy, electric buses, sustainable buildings, renewable                                    energy, and more.   
3:30-3:45pm         Break
3:45-4:30pm         JUST Power: Climate Change and Social Justice - with Dr. Sheena Wilson, University of                                        Alberta: Dr. Angele Alook, AUPE; Dr. Natalie S. Loveless, University of Alberta; Dr. Mary                                        Elizabeth Luka, University of Alberta; Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea, University of Alberta                              Exploring ‘climate justice’ with a focus on just energy transition, as understood by                                                    environmental social justice activists, anti-poverty activists, decolonial climate activists,                                          alternative media and community arts activists, writers and scientists.
4:30-4:45pm         Break
4:45-5:30pm         Climate Change Impacts on Indigenous People - with the Confederacy of Treaty Six Nations                                  and the Metis Nation of Alberta                              This session begins with a traditional Indigenous welcome & ceremony, followed by                                                presentations by Indigenous leaders explaining climate change threats posed to Alberta’s                                      Indigenous communities.   
5:30-5:45pm         Break 
5:45-6:45pm         Performance: On the River                              A live performance of music and video that tells the story of the Cree, Dene and Metis people                                of Fort McKay through the lens of the life of former Chief Dorothy McDonald.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
10:00-10:45am     2nd Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities - with Cynthia Rowenzweig, Urban                                      Climate Change Research Network                              Shines the light on leading global research regarding cities and climate change
10:45-11:30am      Energy Efficiency Alberta: What's Happening in Alberta - with Monica Curtis, Energy                                               Efficiency Alberta                              This session explores the many exciting energy efficiency initiatives taking place in Alberta to                                 reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas                                             emissions
11:30-12:00pm      EPCOR reception
12:00-1:00pm       Keynote: While Nations Plan, Cities Act - with David Miller, C40 Cities, and Don Iveson,                                          Mayor of Edmonton                              The emerging role of cities in fighting climate change, featuring former Toronto Mayor David                                  Miller and City of Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson
1:00-1:15pm         Break
1:15-1:55pm         Collaborate to Deliver - with leaders from C40, Global Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI and FCM                              This session engages senior representatives from the world’s largest city organizations                                          discussing the need for, and the methods by which cities can collaborate to better achieve                                      their climate mitigation and adaptation goals.
2:00-2:40pm         Wealth, Health, Happiness: The benefits of community climate action - with Dr. Robert                                            Summers, Professor, University of Alberta; Dr. Alex Boston, Professor, Simon Fraser                                              University; Dr. Joe Vipond, MD, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment; Kurt                                Borth, PhD Candidate, geography and planning.                              A look at how community climate change mitigation has immense benefits for citizens,                                            businesses and communities.
2:45-3:30pm         Made-in-Alberta Carbon Utilization Innovation - with Steve MacDonald, Emissions Reduction                                  Alberta; Issam Dairanieh, CEO, Global CO2 Initiative; Rob Niven, CEO, CarbonCure; Saad,                                  CEO, Mangrove Technologies                              This session examines technologies that are emerging in Alberta to both reduce the cost of                                    carbon capture and transform carbon dioxide into valuable products.
3:45-4:30pm         A Vision for Alberta in a Low Carbon World - with Alison Cretney, Alberta Futures Lab; Alex                                    Nnamonu, Alberta Municipal Affairs; Desmond Bull, Councillor, Louis Bull Tribe; Laura                                            Kennett, Integrity Projects, Enbridge; Sean Collins, President, Terapin Geothermics                              Diverse energy sector leaders from across Alberta share their visions of how Alberta can                                        thrive by producing and using energy in ways that the future requires.
4:30-5:30pm         Livestream closing plenary of CitiesIPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

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