Bioenergy - Round Table with Sergio Tommasini, Michael Magri, Patrice Garnier and Luisa Pistelli - MICE

Bioenergy - Round Table with Sergio Tommasini, Michael Magri, Patrice Garnier and Luisa Pistelli

Bioenergy - Round Table with Sergio Tommasini, Michael Magri, Patrice Garnier and Luisa Pistelli
Start: 10 Nov 2017 15:00 Europe/Paris
Finish: 10 Nov 2017 16:30 0

Bioenergy - Round Table with Sergio Tommasini, Michael Magri, Patrice Garnier and Luisa Pistelli


Sergio Tommasini, activist in the field of waste management and bio-energy as CEO of two major Italian companies: Idroedil Group & Sunchem Holding. Former Director of a major initiative in the field of biomass he is now a member of board of international companies. Law degree & MBA in International Business Management. He has worked in banking organizations in the United-States of America before coming back to Italy to work in the management consulting sector.
Michael Magri, has over 30 years of experience in biotechnology, microalgae biotechnology, health care, cosmetic or nutraceutical application, working either in scientific researches or product developments. He was part of two publications: 'Experimental Investigation on Biodiesel from Microalgae as Fuel for Diesel Engines' and 'Bioremediation of Chicken Manure using Microalgae: Nitrogen Content Reduction and Lipid Overproduction'.
Dr. Patrice Garnier, holds an MSc in quantum physics from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He completed his PhD in nanotechnology in Professor Catherine Brechignac’s group at the Laboratoire Aimée Cotton, CNRS. Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience leading High-tech companies. CEO of Amabiotics, a biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative diagnostics and microbiome-derived medicines to fight age-related diseases with a strong research focuses on gut-brain axis pathologies, metabolic disorders and oncology. The leading drug candidate, AMA-101, is a potential first-in-class therapy for Parkinson’s disease. The company also develops innovative methods for bio-production of its compounds.
Luisa Pistelli, Professor at Università di Pisa in the Pharmacy and Phytochemistry Department. Also part of the scientific committee and secretary of the XV Congress of the Italian Society of Phytochemistry.

The 3 following themes will be discussed during this round table
"Unconflicted source of protein and fuel". Sunchem is an Italian-Dutch industrial research and development company operating in the sector of genetic and recombinant DNA applied to plants for energy, feed and human purposes. Holding the exclusive rights to the usage and global development of the industrial patent “seed tobacco”. Solaris is the novel, high-yielding bio-fuel and animal feed crop. It is a non-GMO, nicotine-free tobacco variety bred to maximize seed production and biomass properties. Sunchem has several subsidiaries whom have piloted Solaris cultivation, processed globally and worked to identify and develop markets for its various co-products.
"Biofuel" Tere Group was born from a Italo-Russian collaboration. The company manufactures and sells a complete line of accessories to develop renewable energies. Specialized in the production and commercialization of CO2 filters and microalgae biodiesel.
"Biomimetics and bio-engineering: a new generation source of sustainable energy?" In view of the major energy and ecological stakes that will be encountered in the coming years, the development of new technologies to produce clean and sufficient quantities of energy is essential. One very promising path is that of the living being implementing technologies that must not compete with food production. Drawing inspiration from the biochemical mechanisms of some microorganisms and implementing the most advanced bioengineering techniques, the prospect of achieving viable solutions seems likely to emerge in the coming years. However, it will be necessary to pass the key step from the proof of concept in laboratory to industrial demonstrators.
"Preliminary Results on Basil grown in Nemo's Garden" underwater farm project in Italy. The study of a new alternative in the agro alimentary industry. 
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