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Nanoscience - Round Table

Nanoscience - Round Table
Start: 09 Nov 2017 16:30 Europe/Paris
Finish: 09 Nov 2017 18:00 0

Nanoscience - Round Table


Barbara Ruffoni, Doctor in Biological Science, specialized in Genetics, Biotec, Advanced methodology in plant physiology, Cryopreservation of plant genetic resources. Director of the CRA FSO (Ornamental plant Research Unit) in Sanremo since 2014. Senior researcher since 1992 in the Propagation Dept. Researcher of the Ministry of Agriculture at the Istituto Sperimentale per la Floricoltura of Sanremo (ISF) in Propagation Dept since 1988. Over her career, she worked and published more than 200 scientific and technical publications on national and international journals.
Bendetto Costa Broccardi, worked as a shipbroker in Belgium, France and Italy. He is now active in the renewable world and presently acts as Commercial Manager at Avkem S.r.l.
Lucy Gilliam, Environmental Scientist with a BSc (1st), in Biological Sciences and a PhD in Microbial Ecology; Soil Science. Lucy currently works as a campaigner only issues including plastic, toxics, shipping and aviation pollution for two international NGOs: eXXpedition and Transport & Environment. She worked as a post-doctoral research scientist in Academia and as a science advisor for the UK government. Her portfolio of work consisted of advising on ecotoxicology including endocrine disruptors, nanotechnology, heavy metals, climate change, biodiversity and sustainable food production. Experienced speaker, she presented at conferences, universities and governance institutions around the world. She consults globally on wide range of environmental and food related topics. Sailing is part of her life, as an explorer she repeatedly crossed the Atlantic and has studied at Nautical College to become a professional seafarer. Passionate about sailing; the sea, biodiversity; nature, activism; storytelling for a greener cleaner planet.

3 topics, experiences and knowledge will be discussed over this round table of specialists:
"Genetic research on plants" Dr Ruffoni will share her thoughts and experiences of biological science innovations. 
"Nano bubble to clean water" Avkem was established in 2013, by merging the experiences in oil, gas, energy and environment of the founding partners. The company aims to develop cost effective solutions improving the environmental impact of hydrocarbons, fossil and renewable. The company has developed products and processes improving combustion and reducing emissions or remediate pollution and environment degradation. Learn how the NabReLife System generating nano air bubbles in water (dimensions
"Exploring frontiers of science & art on eXXpedition", eXXpedition is an innovative platform for collaboration at sea. The mission on-board sailing vessel Sea Dragon is to explore the issue of nanoplastics and chemicals contaminating the environment. eXXpedition crew sample the Ocean for plastics and pollutants contributing to wider academic studies and citizen science to investigate the impacts of toxics and plastics pollutants. The crew are selected for their interdisciplinary skills with the aim of sparking innovation for a healthy resilient world. Dr Lucy Gilliam will present the findings of the last 10 eXXpeditions sailing around the world, which culminated with a voyage sailing Round Britain this summer.
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